The Team (2002-2013) and the future …

Update 2014/15: new service from Leamington TV Scroll down for news.

Nick Rogers
Nick’s son Phillip started videoing and making Brakes videos in 2002. At the start of the 2004-5 season Phillip reduced his involvement and the operation was transferred to a group under the wing of the newly formed Supporters Club. Nick is still in charge of mastering the DVDs and any sales that come from the website and fans. From the beginning of the 2005-6 season Nick has taken a more active role both sides of the camera, and now maintains this web site.
In April 2010 Nick stood down:
“Due to the difficulty of balancing work, home, Brakes Videos, Brakes Trust and other activities – I’ve decided to stand down from videoing and editing the matches from next season, but I hope there will be volunteers out there to carry on.

Paul Edwards
Paul often steps in as cameraman, and has been indispensable with his excellent editing of the monthly highlights up to April 2010. Paul’s time is now taken up by his role of Press Officer for the Club as well as writing match reports for all matches.

Andy Jenkins
Andy is one of our stand-in cameraman, who helps out when other commitments get in the way.

Keith Hancock
Keith often steps into the breach as our stand-in cameraman – he also provides a lively commentary! He also provides the musical inspiration for the end of season review DVDs.

Phillip Rogers
Although no longer involved in day to day activities, Phillip has added that extra touch to the video editing together with graphics and animation for the end of season DVDs.

And thanks to:
The Brakes – of course.

All our customers – thank you for your generous support, without you there would be no point.

The Brakes Trust and the support from the board members.

Our sponsors – thank you for your support, past and present, it has helped us keep going:
– David Hucker Associates
PhilsBBS (UK) Limited
Carl Thomas – BrakesWeb

the Club Shop team – past and present

the Club’s Official Webmasters – past and present

Simon Hutchinson of BrakingNews for creating the original Brakes Videos web site, before handing it over in Oct’05.

Jason Clough for his great sales efforts via the club shop throughout 2004-05.

Daniel Wearden for his sterling efforts in keeping Brakes Videos going throughout 2004-05.

Phil Kitchen who did the whole Colchester FA Cup match, second camera behind the goal for some matches, and roving FA Cup and Vase scouting trips.

Lynn Rivers (lynncam) – for suggesting the whole idea to Phillip in the first place.

The volunters who keep erecting higher and higher scaffolding platforms at the New Windmill to test our camera peoples’ nerve!

Brakes Videos – a potted history
Brakes Videos started, but not with that name which came later, back at the start of the 2002/03 season. My son, Phillip, was looking for something to use as a video editing project and my sister, later to be know as LynnCam lent him her video camera and suggested videoing the Brakes. This ended up with him videoing and editing highlights for the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons for whch he produced monthly highlights on VHS and DVD as well as the end of season DVD trilogies for both seasons. This raised a fair few bob which was presented on a regular basis to the Football Club.
At that time the videoing was done with a Panasonic miniDV digital camcorder and the editing on our original model iMac using an early buggy version of iMovie. The DVDs were mastered on a PC, using some typically flakey PC software, and VHS copies were made in real time. During this time some improvisation was required, like when we forgot the tripod and had to rest the camcorder on an upturned yard brush!Early in the 2003/04 season I started keeping master copies of whole match DVDs for all the games.At the end of 2003/04 Phillip stepped down the day-to-day videoing and editing, to concentrate on his A-Levels, and I setup a group under the wing of the newly constituted Supporters Club, so 2004/05 started with Keith Hancock’s son Dominic on camera and Keith editing. This was probably when the name Brakes Videos was coined and all money raised was now included in the Supporters Club fund raising activites. Keith got a new Sony miniDV camcorder for the Supporters Club – the only problem being you had to remove it from the tripod at half-time in order to change tapes as tapes were fed from the bottom.
Then Daniel Weardon volunteered and ended up videoing and editing most of the League games for the rest of the season. Editing was still being done on the iMac, in Daniel’s garage, with later versions of iMovie having improved and DVDs were now being produced with iDVD on LynnCams MacBook. During this time home matches were videoed using a fixed tripod mount on the original temporary seats stand that was located on the Sheepside. For the 2004/05 Trilogy Daniel’s highlights were re-edited and re-titled by me using Final Cut Pro and mastered with DVD Pro on a new G5 MacPro and Phillip produced a stunning animated intro – with Vernor Sleem’s wonder goal among others.

2005/06 was the season of the FA Cup run, just before the Colchester game Daniel quit, I had already started doing more of the camera and editing, as well as Paul Edwards and Phil Kitchen who videoed the Colchester game. This was a very busy time with BBC Midlands Today requesting video footage of the win at Ossett Town and whole match DVDs selling like hot cakes, together with a special FA Cup run highlights DVD. I think it was this season that we used a couple of tapes as video evidence for some successful appeals against red cards for our top scorer, BBC’s Susan Verdie’s favourite, Richard Adams.
LynnCam was now doing behind the goal videos, Phil Kitchen was doing scouting videos for the cup run and Paul Edwards helped out with videos of some of the FA Vase away games. We also have occasional camera duty cover from Andy Jenkins and Keith Hancock.
The Brakes went to the Walsal’s Bescott Stadium for the League Cup Final – only to lose. It was deja-vu for me as I had been invited to video the Walsall Cup final betwenn Tipton Tn and Boldmere St. Michaels the night before. I was to see Tipton there a year later – in much happier circumstances. The end of season DVD for 2005/06 had to be extended to four 3 hour disks just to get all the cup games, replays and penalty shoot-outs in – needless to say this was a very popular buy.

For the 2006/07 season a scaffold tower was erected behind the dugouts, this gave a great camera position and a firm base for a sturdy Manfrotto tripod on permanent load from LynnCam – the video head was bought on eBay and I started using my new Panasonic miniDV camcorder which had a wired remote for record and zoom lashed to the tripod arm. This, together with the weather shield made out of corrugated plastic sheet made operations a bit easier.

By now Paul Edwards had started doing the match highlights edits on the old iMac – this halving of the editing duties has helped us continue to today.
Thankfully the 2006/07 end of season set was back down to just three disks and, due to championship winning promotion from the MFA and winnig the League Cup at Walsall’s Bescott Stadium, was yet another good seller, especialy around the following Christmas.

2007/08 was the Brakes first season back in the Southern League (Midland Division) which took us to new places as well as a great run in the FA Trophy. We started uploading goal clips to video google, and links soon appeared on the Brakes’ official site. In April’07 we also set-up an on-line store for fans to order DVDs and LFCSC membership, payable via PayPal – this has been very successful.
Due to some rights issues with Halifax and Setanta, the much postponed FA Trophy match at Halifax was videoed by thier cameraman together with some hilarious commentary. Fortunately they let us have a copy of the tapes so that game was included in the season’s portfolio. The season went well into May, it was very diffcult to keep control of the camera during the,utlimately dissapointing playoff final. Another successful end of season three disk set was a popular record of the Brakes progress.

Of course 2008/09 was the season when the Brakes clinched promotion to the Southern League Premier Division as champions.
The Brakes Videos web-site was changed to a “blog” format, to make announcements of new releases and video clip links easier to maintain.
One of many highlight was the double over newly name Nuneaton Town, complete with live commentary from BBC CWR being included from the away win in January. This time the Brakes had the league sewn up in April and there were nothin to do in May for a change.
Just before the end of the season video google stopped accepting new clips so we started using YouTube – fortunately, as Google own both, a search will bring up clips from both, so there’s a growing library of the Brakes’ goals on-line.

A new mouthwatering 2009/10 in the Southern League Premier Division beckons, and I don’t know for how much longer we will be allowed to video at away games as our new up-coming hosts may have rights restrictions that prevent us – only time will tell.

I now import and edit a whole match iMovie project and then put in onto an iomega 35GB disk which Paul can then copy to the iMac to do a highlights edit which is returned on the removable disk. I can then easily add this to a monthly highlights project for mastering to DVD and this in turn is incorporated into the end of season highlights project – which is done with DVD Pro on the G5. We haven’t yet move to HD -this would probably mean a wholesale change in technology as well as gobbling up much more hard disk space. Even with SD a whole match takes up at least 20GB.

I think that’s how it happened, not necessarily in that order, but near enough.
If I’ve missed anyone out or said the wrong thing than please accept my apologies; now it’s back to what matters, the Brakes on the pitch.
Nick Rogers, July 2009.

Postscript, Apr’10:
Due to the difficulty of balancing work, home, Brakes Videos, Brakes Trust and other activities – I’ve decided to stand down from videoing and editing the matches from next season, but I hope there will be volunteers out there to carry on.
If there is anyone interested then please contact me, I’d be only too happy to advise, help you getting started and stand in on the videoing from time to time.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported Brakes Videos – with special thanks to Paul Edwards for his great work in producing the edited highlights.

2014/15 – At last new blood – Leamington TV:

A group of Coventry University students are now producing excellent video highlights of the Brakes home matches.

Check out Leamington TV’s YouTube channel.

C’mon you Brakes,
Nick Rogers.