It’s FA Cup time again

Ever hopeful:

Re-live the historic 2005 FA Cup run.


Exhibition celebrates Leamington FC’s most successful FA Cup run

FA Cup Run 2005A display at Leamington Art Gallery and Museum will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Leamington Football Club reaching the first round proper of the FA Cup.

During the 2005/06 football season Brakes went on the most successful cup run of their modern incarnation, defeating five teams to reach the first round proper of the FA Cup.

On November 5 2005, they faced Colchester United – a professional team six leagues above them – losing 9-1 but scoring a spectacular goal courtesy of Richard Adams.

A “Brakes Fluid” beer bottle and a match-day shirt are among items that the team manager at the time Jason Cadden has donated to the gallery.

These will be displayed alongside items including a signed match football and programme from the day – as well as items made available by the club (framed signed match shirts) and the Brakes Trust (DVDs and the restored Leamington Town shirt).

A video made at the time by Brakes Videos documenting the cup run will also be shown.

There will be a place for people to share their memories of the day.

Senior curator Vicki Slade said: “It was a fantastic achievement for Leamington Football Club to reach the first round proper of the FA Cup, and a wonderful occasion for the town.

“It’s only fitting that ten years on we celebrate this.

“We’re very grateful to Jason Cadden for generously donating and lending items from his personal collection, which has made this display possible.”

Vicki added her thanks to the Club and the Trust: “Thank you so much for loaning the football shirts, they’ll make a great addition to the display!”

The exhibition runs from Tuesday 6th Oct to Sunday 6th Dec’15.


Here are links to the match reports of the cup run:

And here is the on-line version of the highlights from Brakes Videos:

Videoing the matches during the cup run was a real team effort, the people involved were:

  • Sarah Beamish: Oadby Tn (H) 2nd half.
  • Paul Edwards: Sutton Tn (H) 1st half.
  • Andy Jenkins: Oadby Tn (H) 1st half and extra camera for Wodford Utd.
  • Phil Kitchen: extra camera for Kidsgrove Athletic (A), Woodford Utd, and Ossett Tn. All our match, feature and interview camera work for Colchester Utd.
  • Nick Rogers: Sutton Tn (H) 2nd half, Oadby Tn (A), Woodford Utd and Ossett Tn.
  • Daniel Wearden: Sutton Tn (A) and Kidsgrove Athletic (A).

More Videos:

The Intro from the 2005-06 Highlights DVD set – graphics by Phillip Rogers.

The build-up to the match @ Layer Road.

The media coverage of the Brakes Cup run on BBC and Sky.

Leamington FC 2005 FA Cup Run Highlights

Just to get us in the mood …

For the 2005/06 season, after nearly eighteen years, Leamington FC re-joined senior football and entered the FA Cup.
The draw saw The Brakes start the 2005 FA cup campaign in the Preliminary Round in August …
No one could predict the amazing cup run that followed as the Brakes made it all the way through to the First Round Proper, playing eight matches – including two replays going to penalties.

Leamington FC 2005 FA Cup Run Highlights

Get the extended highlights on our Special Edition DVD here:

Good old Pathe News

61 years ago today saw the biggest giant killing in the FA Cup, after disposing of 2nd division Bury in the 3rd round, Yeovil played Sunderland, who were in the top six of the First Division. The Rokerites were the biggest spenders of the day, having signed top England International Len Shackleton with a shed load of cash, earning them the nick-name – “The Bank of England Team”.

Seb White’s article for the BBC.
CiderSpace history

Sunderland had bit of a dip in form after that and lost their next four league games.

Yeovil drew away to Manchester Utd in the next round, who were playing at Maine Road due to Old Trafford having not returned to normal use after the war.
By this time my dad had been called up for his National Service and was at Didsbury telling all the Mancs to watch out as Alec Stock’s boys were coming to get them.

In the end, with their ‘keeper injured early on and no subs in those days, the Glovers were soundly beaten 8-0 (a familiar margin), but yet another FA Cup record was broken and still stands to this day – it was the biggest FA Cup crowd outside of the Final ever – 81,565 surpassed the expected 55-60,000, and not all of them were local!


Ulnike other one-hit wonders, Yeovil’s FA Cup exploits show that they deserve the title of giant-killers, in their non-league days the Glovers knocked out 20 League teams.
However now the boot is on the other foot they’ve been knocked out themselves by a few non-league teams in recent years – the giant-killers being “giant-killed” themselves.
Ah the FA Cup, there’s nothing quite like it.

“Giants” killed:
1924/25 Bournemouth & Boscombe
1934/35 Crystal Palace
1934/35 Exeter City
1938/39 Brighton & Hove Albion
1948/49 Bury
1948/49 Sunderland
1958/59 Southend United
1960/61 Walsall
1963/64 Southend United
1963/64 Crystal Palace
1970/71 Bournemouth & Boscombe
1972/73 Brentford
1987/88 Cambridge United
1991/92 Walsall
1992/93 Torquay United
1992/93 Hereford United
1993/94 Fulham
1998/99 Northampton Town
2000/01 Colchester United
2000/01 Blackpool

Not to mention several near misses, and replays, and a few since winning promotion to the football league on merit.

Here’s the full stats from CiderSpace & PrideOfSomerset.