Match Ball Sponsor @LeamingtonFC tonight – supporting @MesoUK

I’m sponsoring the match ball at tonight’s friendly vs Leicester City in memory of my dad, Alan Rogers, it was his birthday today and he died just over 11 years ago of Pleural Mesothelioma – a pernicious lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

Today should be about doing something positive, so I’m grateful to the club for allowing me to do a bucket collection for the Mesothelioma UK Charitable Trust, who proive all kinds of support, I only wish they had been around when dad died.

Exposure to asbestos is a silent, but deadly killer. Any one involved in construction, building and maintenance should now be aware of the dangers of asbestos – but the asbestos industry kept quite about the dangers until the 1980’s. By then the damage was done. The deadly dust affected workers in the shipbuilding, railway and vehicle / boiler / pipe making / maintenance industries.

Not only workers have been affected, families and friends exposed to workers dusty work clothes have also suffered. My Dad’s best friend, also a post war apprentice with the Southern Electric Board, died of mesothelioma and his widow sadly went the same way a few months later.

The late Queen Mum’s aide, Sir Alastair Airde was also a victim – he oversaw the renovation of Clarence House – doctors, nurses, school teachers and others have also succumbed. So this evil has affected people from all walks of life and their families – all because of big industry’s greed for profit at all costs.

Compensation is often very hard to get – as old employment and pension records dissapear with time and, if several companies are involved in a working life-time, the buck gets passed around.

From a personal point of view it was harrowing to watch an active, practical and well loved man of village and vale cut down prematurely at the beginning of a well earned retirement. There’s nothing worse than watching a loved one slowly drown from lack of oxygen and in a misty morphine haze.

Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers

RIP Dad – we miss you.

thanks to the marvellous generosity of the Brakes and Foxes fans, as well as Leamington FC for donating the match ball fee and £20 from my mum, the total raised was a tremendous £386.

Bucket Collection @ Leamington FC
Bucket Collection @ Leamington FC

UPDATE 2nd Aug’13 – Thanks from Meso UK:

Thanks from Meso UK Jul 13
Thanks from Meso UK Jul 13


Good old Pathe News

61 years ago today saw the biggest giant killing in the FA Cup, after disposing of 2nd division Bury in the 3rd round, Yeovil played Sunderland, who were in the top six of the First Division. The Rokerites were the biggest spenders of the day, having signed top England International Len Shackleton with a shed load of cash, earning them the nick-name – “The Bank of England Team”.

Seb White’s article for the BBC.
CiderSpace history

Sunderland had bit of a dip in form after that and lost their next four league games.

Yeovil drew away to Manchester Utd in the next round, who were playing at Maine Road due to Old Trafford having not returned to normal use after the war.
By this time my dad had been called up for his National Service and was at Didsbury telling all the Mancs to watch out as Alec Stock’s boys were coming to get them.

In the end, with their ‘keeper injured early on and no subs in those days, the Glovers were soundly beaten 8-0 (a familiar margin), but yet another FA Cup record was broken and still stands to this day – it was the biggest FA Cup crowd outside of the Final ever – 81,565 surpassed the expected 55-60,000, and not all of them were local!


Ulnike other one-hit wonders, Yeovil’s FA Cup exploits show that they deserve the title of giant-killers, in their non-league days the Glovers knocked out 20 League teams.
However now the boot is on the other foot they’ve been knocked out themselves by a few non-league teams in recent years – the giant-killers being “giant-killed” themselves.
Ah the FA Cup, there’s nothing quite like it.

“Giants” killed:
1924/25 Bournemouth & Boscombe
1934/35 Crystal Palace
1934/35 Exeter City
1938/39 Brighton & Hove Albion
1948/49 Bury
1948/49 Sunderland
1958/59 Southend United
1960/61 Walsall
1963/64 Southend United
1963/64 Crystal Palace
1970/71 Bournemouth & Boscombe
1972/73 Brentford
1987/88 Cambridge United
1991/92 Walsall
1992/93 Torquay United
1992/93 Hereford United
1993/94 Fulham
1998/99 Northampton Town
2000/01 Colchester United
2000/01 Blackpool

Not to mention several near misses, and replays, and a few since winning promotion to the football league on merit.

Here’s the full stats from CiderSpace & PrideOfSomerset.