Brakes fans lucky to have Windmill Wonderland and Leamington FC TV

Since 2000 while the Brakes have always punched above their weight as they rose through the ranks of non-league football in terms of support they have had the benefit of an excellent printed fanzine – ‘Windmill Wonderland‘. This is now published as an on-line blog and, in an insightful post, Paul Edwards writes about getting the Brakes on video.

In a typically modest piece where Paul plays down his own part in editing the Brakes Videos highlights, he interviews Nick Leek about how Leamington FC TV came about and is progressing.

22 year old Coventry born Sky Blues fan Nick looks back on the day he discovered the vacancy as a bit of a defining moment with regard to his university course. “A few months before starting at Leamington, I wasn’t doing very well with Media related projects. Confidence was very low, University was tough..and then I was informed of a vacancy at the club regarding filming matches. Bearing in mind that things hadn’t been going well for me at the time, I immediately said yes to the chance, and used it as a fresh start and have not looked back. Filming and Football are two things I am passionate about, so combining both interests like that seemed perfect to me. Some at the University were not so keen on it, even though the first few months were simply classed as “work experience” to add to our portfolios for our intended future media careers. They insinuated that it would all be “a waste of time” and that we should be looking to go abroad instead (being told this by highly paid individuals was difficult to accept bearing in mind we were the students affected by the higher tuition fees!!). So after basically being told not do take the opportunity, we did the opposite because we felt we would benefit from it, and we bloody have! We enjoy it and don’t regret it at all (apart from when it it’s freezing and/or raining, but that’s a story for another day!).”

The culmination of this great effort is the screening of Nick Leek’s documentary ‘Part Time’ on broadcast TV this evening:

“I’m absolutely delighted it has made it to TV. I didn’t think it would happen, but knew that if I didn’t try then I would never know. The plan was (and still is, kind of) to submit the film to festivals to see how it does. Film festivals are good for filmmakers to gain recognition for their work, so that is why the film wasn’t just put online immediately. In the grand scheme of things, TV is where you could potentially draw the most eyes to your work, its just extremely difficult to get anything on there, so TV wasn’t even thought of at first. Whether it benefits me that the film has made it to TV remains to be seen, but for Leamington, it should at least attract an interest in the club to viewers who may have no affiliation to the club or non-league football before watching the film. The whole project has been extremely satisfying from start to finish, and the fact it will be broadcast tops it off. Not bad for a project that would be a “waste of time!! I am also in discussions with a local TV channel who have expressed an interest in showing the film, so this will be announced in the coming weeks!”

“Part-Time” will be shown on the Community Channel at 9pm, Tuesday 8th September.

It will also be repeated on the following dates:

Thursday 17th September at 9:30pm
Friday 25th September at 9:30pm
Tuesday 29th September at 9:30pm

Community Channel is available on Freeview, Freesat, Virgin Media and Sky.
Freeview channel 63, Sky channel 539, Freesat channel 651 and Virgin Media channel 233.

Hop over to Windmill Wonderland for the full story:

Keep up the good work with Windmill Wonderland Paul, and likewise Nick and all at Leamington FC TV.